March 13, 2022

The Day-Light Savings Lobby & 2022 Goals Check In

I feel like I have an inner grumpy old man inside me that comes out to shake my fist and complain every time there's a day-light savings change of the clocks.   I mean how long are we going to keep complaining about this and what big money lobby is preventing federal or state legislation to stop it?   I mean I really want to know who is for keeping the twice yearly changes so much that it goes nowhere in congress.  It seems like an easy thing to get bi-partisan support for that someone could then tout as working well with the other side to get things that matter done when it comes time for re election.  

Am I wrong? 

We all know by now that farmers don't care about clocks.  They farm when they need to farm, so it never did, nor does it now have anything to do with farmers.  So if the consensus is that we want sunlight later in the day, then just don't end daylight savings.   Leave it there perpetually and stop changing back and forth like Michael Scott's vasectomy.  Snip Snap Snip Snap.  It's time to end the madness!

I really need someone to follow the money and blow the whistle on the day-light savings lobby, because I don't understand why we have made it to the middle of my life and things are so bad in politics that people can't work together on what should be little easy wins.    What do we have to do to get that done? Start a petition?

If someone wants to explain to me the hyper partisan reason on both sides why 'we' can't get along and get this done, please tell me.   Otherwise put aside the bigger reasons you choose not to have real discussions to solve issues, give peace a chance, and start with this one little thing.   Can't we all just get along?

By the way, here's an update on my goals for 2022 as a way to hold myself accountable:

1. Personal growth - Going well (Generic goal gets equally generic status update)

2. Keep Learning - Definitely doing this

3. Take more time off work - I've taken more PTO by this time this year than I did the last 2 years and I have a few days already on the books planned for the next month including one this coming Friday!

4. Get my stress level back to a healthier level - I see a light at the end of the tunnel, but definitely still working very hard on it, including a little on a Sunday  

5. Practice the piano more/learn at least one new song - I bought a piano book of Enya songs and working on a couple of favorites.  They are easy but so what. 

Have a great day, week, month, and be kind to each other, to strangers, and to yourselves!