April 22, 2011

Is It Weird That I Want to Hang Out with my OBGYN???

You know this is a subject I haven't discussed with my mom. I just assume her OBGYN was a man and since she was in her 20s when she had my brother and me, her OBGYN was probably at least more than 10 years older than her so this thought probably never crossed her mind. So I'm guessing she has not frame of reference and can't relate to this.

I'm in my early 30's and get along with people in excess of 5 years either way of my age. Mostly on the older side of me. I'm not exactly sure how old my OBGYN is, but she is not much older than me assuming she's at least a year or two older than me if not more. What I do know is that she has 2 young kids and if she's over 40, she's looks better than I do.

One might then ask how I picked her. Well I looked for a specific hospital that was about 2 miles from my house, and then I looked at doctors with privileges. Next I looked at their location and pictures. She was the only one that was right next to the hospital or didn't look weird. What!!! Weird looking. Well when looking for a doctor without a recommendation, I want someone who's not fat because a fat doctor consulting you about your health is a hypocrite. I also must have a woman if she is going to see me naked, but she must not look like she might at all enjoy looking at my girl parts. Which is why I can't pick a man. Why not a gay man? Nothing against them but doctors don't post if they prefer lady or men parts in their own sex lives. And if they did, other than posting a picture of their family, I'd be creeped out that they are sharing their sex life with the world. My doctor posted information about her family so she didn't worry me one way or the other. I didn't mind that she looked young because she had good credentials and I figure the fresher they are out of med school, the most up to date information they have. Plus she can't have her own practice and be much younger than me if at all. Unless of course she was a Doogie Howser M.D. Which I'm sure is possible, but not likely.

So maybe it's because she helped suck, pull, yank my sweet baby out of me, but after my 6-week follow up I really felt the desire to be friends with her and hang out with her. I felt like we bonded and really got along. She made me feel like one of her more together patients as she said I was the only one to not call her. And for that matter call her with stupid questions that make me look like an idiot or a tramp. Yes there really are stupid questions.

I'm really sad that I'm down to seeing her once a year now. But I can't hang out with someone who checks out my lady parts either. It's just not natural. I wouldn't even know how to make the transition from patient to friend and find a new doctor. The finding a new doctor part is the easy part. My husband said I could stalk her on facebook. But then that turns me into the creepy patient then doesn't it?

Oh well. I suppose it will have to be left at a fleeting desire. I need to find another friend I suppose. But no one around here is a cool and laid back as she is....I heart you (in not a creepy way) Dr. J!!! Thank you for being so awesome!!! even though you made me cry after breaking my water...that was hormones not you!!!

Ok maybe it's a little weird...