January 25, 2010

Awkward Quandry of the Day

Why are big sunglasses considered fashionable when big regular glasses from 1980-1993 still aren't considered fashionable?

I got my first pair yesterday and today while wearing them on my walk today, I found myself feeling like I was in 3rd-8th grade. They feel heavy and awkward and I'm constantly pushing them up my nose while they are constantly weighing me down.

My big sunglasses aren't nearly as big as the ones I see everyone else wearing. How do they do it without going insane? If I had to wear them all day, I'd get angry like I did with my glasses growing up. I remember throwing them across the gym floor once or twice they made me so mad. Good thing I don't wear my sunglasses all day and it's also good that I only paid $10 for them.


F.C. Boyd said...

Fashion is not always our friend, is it?

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